Alright people, this was taken from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  While I tried to get it word for word, you know, try to be exact for once in my life. . .alas, I didn't.  Dude you just don't understand!  They all kept talking at the same time, interrupting each other's sentences!  My poor tape; rewind, rewind, rewind.  Oh what a day, what a day.  *MandyMay slumps down on her computer desk in exhaustion*  Alright, enough of that.  This has to be my favorite interview that they've ever done.  And not just because I stole their idea and made a website about it. . .on with the transcript!

Stewart:  Now uh, you guys are going off on tour starting uh, next month?
John:  Yup, were starting in May down in Texas and uh, going all over the country.
Stewart:  Now, to do it, you get in shape, you eat right, you get healthy clearly.
John:  Yeah, well we got fat when we were doing the record that's for sure.
Stewart:  Because you were eating --
John:  We were eating --
Stewart:  Fried foods!
John:  Fried foods and--
Stewart:  Because you bought a?
John:  I bought a deep fryer.
Stewart:  That's what I'm saying!!
John:  I bought a -- I did -- I bou --  Well, see it started, we live in Los Angeles now and uh, we don't have any friends there so we just hang out with each other.
Stewart:  Really?
John:  Yeah, we're the only people we like in LA, you know.
Stewart:  You guys spent nine years in a band together and then you gotta hang out after you're done.
Robby:  Then we buy houses like two blocks away from each other.

*John kinda growls*

Stewart:  That's nice though.
John:  Yeah, well 'til we're not in a band any more then he's gonna be like coming over to my house in the middle of the night drunk going, "ahh!!" *acting drunk and pretends to beat on a door*
Stewart:  So what are doing with the fryer later?  What are you making?
John:  Well we rented one one night, because you can't get good chicken wings in LA.  Umm--
Stewart:  And you're a Buffalo man.
John:  And we're Buffalo man --
Stewart:  Buffalo king of chicken wings.
John:  So when I was--when I was back in Buffalo one of my jobs I was, I was -- I was a fry cook, I made chicken wings, you know.  So I learned how to make them the right way.  So we rented a deep fryer one night and uh, just started making chicken wings and they were amazing.  They were so much fun and then so, everybody got really, really drunk and you know, pounding beer and eating chicken wings --
Stewart:  Oh and by the way, I find alcohol and hot, hot oil always a great combination.  
Robby:  Yeah.
John:  Oh yeah.  Oh absolutely.
Stewart:  No real chance for and accident there.
John:  No, no, no, no, no, no.
Stewart:  So you're hammered and got the deep fryer going with both hands?
John:  Yeah, we got it going.
Stewart:  Alright.
John:  So then uh --
Stewart:  Robby you in this or are you just standing back?
John:  Oh no --
Robby:  I'm in man, I'm in.
Stewart:  You just standing back or jumping in?
Robby:  I'm in.
John:  Totally in on this one.  We decided, we decided to fry other things you know.  So like--
Stewart:  Aww now, that's bad news for the cat.  That is bad news.
John:  So we took uh, we took -- we took a -- like a baby doll and we put it in the deep fryer and watched it melt in the oil, it was very cool.

*Stewart is laughing at this point*

Robby:  A boot.  A baseball glove.
Stewart:  Could I just interrupt -- this fryer is a rental.  Am I right?
John and Robby:  Yeah.
Robby:  We wouldn't do that to our fryer.
John: Yeah, it's a rental.
Stewart:  Did you have to sign anything.  Put a security deposit?
John:  Yeah, we had to give a security deposit, you know we cleaned it up.  So, Robby got the idea to uh, he made some batter and he batter dipped a Dock Martin boot.  And he threw it in the fryer and it was this, it was this huge boot and it had this really beautiful, golden, crispy crust on it --
Robby:  (drunkenly)  I'd eat a damn boot if it was deep fried!  No, not really.
John:  I would eat anything -- Wouldn't you just eat anything if it was deep fried?  You could deep fry your tie.
Stewart:  Not at your house because, 'cause I know you're -- you're making boots for God's sakes!  I'd eat anything edible.  I gotta tell you, you know the Buffalo chicken wings to me, you know I've played up there a bunch, I love the wing, but my main food up there is the roast beef on wet.  That- that uh, crazy --
John:  That salty roll with the seeds on it.
Stewart:  It's crazy. Buffalo is the best place to be fat and high.  There's no question.
John:  Oh yeah.  Everybody up there is fat and high.
Stewart:  I believe that's the motto up there.
Robby:  We're all fat and high.
John:  Buffalo:  Fat and High.
Stewart:  Did you get your own fryer later now?
John:  Yeah, I got my own fryer now.  It's a four banger, that's four baskets for the laymen.

*Robby and Stewart laugh*

John:  And uh, we have chicken wing parties, you know.
Stewart:  I gotta come up, well I don't get out there that much.  I love the wings.
John:  Yeah, you're smart.
Stewart:  Will you tell me how to make them or something?
John:  I'll give you the secret.
Stewart:  Yeah please, cause I love wings.  And I also have all these old shoes that I don't want.

*John and Robby laugh*

Stewart:  Well, the new album is awesome.  Now, you're gonna tour the states first and then Europe right?
Robby:  Yeah and Japan and then we'll come back --
John:  Japan and we're coming back in the summer then we're gonna try to get a big, big tour together and we're gonna find somebody to play with.
Stewart:   You come back to the north east and then maybe we'll get together --
John:  I'll bring my -- I'm bringing the deep fryer on the bus.

*Robby does this funny little chuckle*

Robby:  We're gonna drag it behind us.
Stewart:  No you're not.
John:  Yes, I am.
Stewart:  (shocked)  Are you really?!
John:  Yeah!  'Cause it keeps the crew happy.  I mean, one you have wing night once a month, you make the wings and then they don't revolt.
Stewart:  You know nothing is better in the confines of a bus honestly, than that --
John:  No, no, no.
Stewart:  smell of the deep fryer --
John:  No, you gotta do it outside.
Stewart:  -- mixing with that urine weird, urine cake thing in the back -- Do these
things have bathrooms on it?
John:  Yeah, but they never let you go number two in them, that's a 100 bucks.  If you go number two, or if you vomit, no, this is true --
Stewart:  Hey kids, wanna be a rock star?
John:  -- it's like, the bus driver tells you when you get the bus, (talking in a weird kinda hick accent)  Well, if you crap --
Robby:  They all talk like that by the way, all of them.
John:  (still in voice)  If you crap in my toilet, it's a 100 bucks.  You puke in my toilet it's 50.
Robby:  For some reason that's not as bad, I don't know.
Stewart:  Think of how much money he makes on the rock tours.  You guys are
making fried up chicken wings, you're gonna be crapping and puking the whole time
you're on tour.

*Then Rzeznik does this little puke noise and crap thing that is pretty funny*

Stewart:  Uh, Gutterflower is in the stores now.  Goo Goo Dolls everybody!

Those pics were "stolen" from October 10th, 2001 in the archives; Mike's birthday.  This is where they also talk about frying the boot.  Cool man, cool.  I especially like the Daily Goo the following day when they have a hang-over. . .

The guys with their rented deep-fryer.  

Some yummy chicken wings in hot, hot oil.

A picture of Rzeznik holding a pic of his deep-fryer.

Four banger baby!  If you want to read what Goo had to say about it, it is in the archives under December 6th, 2001.  

It seems to me like there was a picture of the actual boot in the deep-fryer too, but I haven't been able to find it.  If someone out there has it, or knows where I can get it, it would be greatly appreciated if you e-mailed it to me.  Thanks!!

**Dudes, guess what I found while surfing the net!  Over at another day goes, on the miscellaneous page, there is a signed Doc Marten boot by ~DUN-DUN-DUN~ the Goo Goo Dolls of course!  You can also find it on

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