Monday July 1st, 2002:  YAY!  The Deep-Fried Boot is on the web, but not on any webrings.  Alas, this is for my enjoyment only. . .until I get it where I want it, then I'll share.  *grin*

Saturday July 13, 2002:  Alrighty people.  MandyMay is a bit sad.  *tear*  I just stood outside in the rain for 20 minutes on hold with Ticketmaster to get Goo tickets for Nashville and I got. . .section 5, row L.  *sigh*  Oh well at least I got tickets right?  It's just that I've been so spoiled by the last two shows because we were so close, within spitting distance I like to call it.  ;)  Anyway, everyone say, "Thanks!" to Barbara (my manager at the Dollar General) for letting me go outside and use my cell to get Goo tickets!  Even if I did have to stand in the rain (to get my cell to come in I had to step out from the shelter of the over hang thingy) to get 'em.  It was well worth it.  Is it Sept. 2nd, yet?  By the way, no updates, just me ranting.  

Monday July 15, 2002:  What's up chick-a-dees?!  Well, I added some internet bumper stickers to the site just for the hell of adding something.  I've got a Jason page in the works too.  He is Goo's like head security guard or something like that, anyway he's cool and I think we should all thank him for keeping Goo safe on the road. . .and from being mauled by crazed fans.  :)  I'm out for now!

Tuesday July 16, 2002:  Hello, hello, hello!  I added The Jason Page today (with the minimal amount of info I have) so send in those thank you messages!  I'm off now to help my granny pack, she is moving. . .down the street.  Too far for me!

Wednesday July 17, 2002:  Hey dudes!  What's up this Wednesday morning?!  Too damn early for me, "At the tone it will be 9:09."  Gotta go move my grandparents today.  Well, I added a new pic of Jason to The Jason Page, thanks to PattyGoo for that one.  I luv people who are so nice and share things.  Thanks again!  PS Send in those thank yous!

Guess what guys?!   We've got out first thank you to Jason!!  Yay, I'm going to have a goo-d day now!  Not to mention that I just seen the Iris video while putting my make-up on.  You know it's going to be a goo-d morning when you're getting ready, watching some TV and there is Goo.  Well, I've gotten off topic, thanks to PattyGoo for the thank you message!!

Thursday July 18, 2002:  ~Hey, Hey, Hey~  Man, I have updated 4 days in a row.  I'm starting to scare myself.  Well, I've added another pic to The Jason Page, thanks Julie!   This page is coming along alot better than I actually expected, people online are sooooo nice.  I luv the internet.  *sigh*  Wait, what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, my scanner is back, well the scanning slave is back in business, ie. me; so I added a few pics to MandyMay's Concert Experiences. . .maybe some more later.  Now I'm off to go help the 'ol grandparents yet again, this time unpacking.  Man, all this to move down the street, not even half a mile.  I will be so glad when all this is done!  Catch ya'll later!

Friday July 19, 2002:  Back to the old Dollar General for me today.  Yay, I get to unload a truck in the humid July heat for about 3 hours.  Ok, enough of me complaining right?  I've added a whole slew of images that I scanned and a picture Tiff drew to the intro page.  Kinda gives it a little "umph" I think.  Man, I'm going scanner crazy.  I think I need help.  Someone take it away!  I also added a "me" page that has some miscellaneous stuff on it too.  The Adoptions page I am hoping will be up in a few days and Tiff is just finishing up another pic that is going on the Rzeznik page I think ya'll get a kick out of.  Well, I'm off to get ready for work!  I'm out!

Saturday July 20, 2002:  Alright goobers.  It is currently 12:16 am.  So it is ok for me to update right?  I mean it is a new day, even if it is only 16 minutes old.  I'm doing this now because I am probably not going to have alot of time to update tomorrow or even the next few days.  I am helping my friend out with her wedding, you know, decorating, rehersal, parties, and all that girlie stuff you do to get ready.  I hope she knows how lucky she is to get me in a baby blue dress. . .very lucky.  Well, I added another thank you to The Jason Page and a new pic to Hmm. . .Pictures?  Now I'm off to bed.  GOO-d night all!!

Sunday July 21, 2002:  Howdy people!  Man, that Mojo thing on VH1 was pretty cool.  I got sad though because when they were talking about U2 (who was 15) Mike was talking about them and I wasn't recording!  Que malo!  My dad was like, "Wait, is he actually talking?"  And I'm like, "Shh!!  I can't hear him talking!"  Oh well, they'll rerun it into the ground.  I'll have plenty of time to watch it again.  Well, didn't add a whole lot.  Some more pics to the Hmm. . .Pictures? page, another thank you to The Jason Page,  three new links, and a pic that Tiff drew to the John Rzeznik page (you'll love it).  She is in the works with two other pics.  My, my isn't she the crafty one?  I'm just about finished with the Adoptions page.  Might have it up by the middle of the week.  Alrighty, I'm out!!

Tuesday July 23, 2002:  What's up?!  I got the Adoptions page up.  YAY!  Now you can all adopt a Goo of your very own and put them on your webpage.  I have alot of stuff to go along with this page.  Like contests where you can get little things to go along with your Goo.  Like golf clubs for Mike, hairspray for Rzeznik, or Wheaties for Robby.  Also, I am going to have special edition Goo's where they are up for a limited time, special occasions and contests.  I already have one special edition Goo, but I want to see how well this all works out first.  Much thanks to my drawing slave, Tiff!

Wednesday July 24, 2002:  Hey, hey.  I added two more Quotes to the group section and a lovely fan fic that Danielle let me post.  Luv it!  Alrighty now, how about some Jason thank yous?!  You don't have to have met the man to thank him.  I mean, he is Jason!Protector of Goo, you don't have to meet him face to face to feel his coolness.  It flows through the air man, it just flows. . . so, do I have to bribe you guys for some thank yous?  Fine then, I will.  You send me a thank you, and you'll get a cookie.  :)

Friday July 26, 2002:  Hello everyone!  Well, thanks to Brenda, I've gone through and changed Jason from being a "security guard" to either "personal security" or "head of security.  Apparently he doesn't like the term security guard, which what he says is law man. . .don't make the man mad.  He's cool, but you won't like him when he's mad.  You won't get to meet Goo when he is mad. . .so send in your thank you's to the head of security, Jason!Protector of Goo.  Remember, I'll give you a cookie.  ;)  BTW, muchos gracias for the info Brenda!!

Saturday July 27, 2002:  Well, I just got back from my friend's wedding.  Wonderfully decoarted, beautiful ceremony, one problem. . .my name went from Mandy to Mary in a split second.  Not that Mary is a bad name, it's just that it has been a long running joke for years now.  Let me explain to you. . .in great detail as you know I like to.

First, let us start from the beginning.  When we moved to Louisiana, all those years ago, my dad enrolled me in Pickering High School, home of the Pickering Red Devils.  My dad does not have the greatest penmanship, so from his scribbles, my name became Mary.  I go to homeroom and I'm Mary, as in the rest of my classes.  I calmly explain that my name is not Mary, but Mandy.  They say, "Oh, you want to be called Mandy," like it is a nickname.  "No, my name *is* Mandy."  Well, after repeated attempts at clarifying this mistake, I give up.  So, on my library card. . .Mary.  On my report card. . .Mary.  For a whole year, my name was Mary.  I actually still have that orange laminated library card.  I am sometimes left pondering, when I checked out a book, was it the same as using someone elses ID?

Now, when entering the reception, we were introduced as we walked in.  Well, they got my escort's name right, but I was introduced as Mary, which then erupted much laughter from Tiff, Heather and Stephanie.  After all, it has been a source of great amusement for them and tortue for me all these many years.

The goo-d thing that came from all this, I got to jam to some Goo.  Heather went up to the DJ sometime during the reception, told him of his mistake and played a song in my honor, "Here is Gone."  So the DJ comes on apologizes and says, "This is a special request for Mandy."  Needless to say, our table was singing at the top of our lungs.  :)

So, now that all that is out of the way, how about some updates?!  Not much actually, added pics of Tiff, Stephanie and Heather to My Me Page.  Thought ya might want to know what they look like since I talk about them alot.  Until the next update, I'm out!!

Friday August 2, 2002:  Hey!!  I added a new Tiff pic to the Robby page, I know you'll like it. . .it had Wheaties in it.  Guys, I'm sad.  Goo is just a hop, skip, and jump away from me tonight.  *frown*  They are in Indiana, I am in Kentucky. . .so close yet "so far way."  Oh, well, exactly one month 'til Nashville.  Nashville baby, ye~ah!  Sorry, went a little Austin Powers there, which by the way is a kick ass movie!  I've actually started working on The Drinking Game page.  . .sort of, I'm trying to think of game.  Got any suggestions?  E-mail me.

Also, someone adopt a Goo!  They are so lonely. . .I am so desperate, I'm even contemplating on sinking to low levels to get them adopted, ie. letting my sister adopt them out of pity!  I do not need her sympathy so someone have mercy on me and adopt a Goo!  Go to MandyMay's Adoptions to find out how.  :)

Now, since the Goo summer tour has started up, I have much confidence that there are going to be some Jason encounters out there.  E-mail them to me along with a thank you and I'll put it on the Jason Page.  I need thank yous, don't forget, I'll give you a cookie.

Lastly, Goo is on Craig Kilborn tonight, 12:35-ish on CBS.  Watch it, watch it tonight, record it, then watch it tomorrow morning.  Or is that just me?  Bye!!

Sunday August 4, 2002:  Got a couple of updates.  Added a new pic to The Jason Page.  Thanks Sandra!  Added a new fanfic.  That's about it. . .for now.  Man, I can't think of anything witty to say tonight.  Must be tired.  Until the next update, I'm out!

Tuesday August 7, 2002:  Hi!  Well, I  added a new little link to Let's Get Gooey, a beautifully constructed site I might add.  Puts mine to shame.  Also a new link on MandyMay's Rants page to a new and better Craig Wilson article.  Makes me feel better about the man.  :)  He might not be a Goo-hater after all.  I'm still working on The Drinking Game page, it's getting a lame start and I can't have that lameness on my website.  Ok, I can't knowingly put lame stuff up.  *wink*  I'm also in the works on a new fan fic involving our favorite personal security guy, Jason. . .and Unsolved Mysteries.  Weird I know, but it just might work.  Well, I'm out, yet again.  Until next time!

Wednesday August 5, 2002:  Hey all you chick-a-dees and chick-a-dudes out there!  Guess what I did today?!  I finally booked my room for when we head out to for the Nashville concert on Sept. 2nd.  YAY!!!  It is at this really, really nice; really, really expensive hotel.  I figure, the way my luck is, I'm only going to have one chance in my life to spend a night at a really, really expensive kick ass motel so why not splurge a little.  Am I right?  Well, that is not the best part, it is on Broadway!  Oh, yeah, Broadway.  I saw the address and I'm like, "Dude, this is the one we have to stay out!"  It is a sign.

Alright, enough of that.  I added a new link, Goo Goo Dolls Domain.  Check it out, got some cool Goo concert stories.  I like the Celine Dion one myself.  Very. . .odd.  Added a new magazine to the Magazines page.  Alright, I'm out!!

Thursday August 8, 2002:  Hey all.  Man, just got back from unloading a 1,000+ case truck.  Talk about some major cardboad.  Anybody feel like building a fort?  I didn't do it by myself, obviously, lots-o-Dollar General peeps there.  Well, I have updated    . . .absolutely nothing.  *grin*  I did add the new webring that I joined, The Goo Goo Dolls Domain.  Other than that, nothing.  I'm just happy that my computer is actually letting me update!  I was fixing to chuck the whole thing out the window about an hour ago!  I guess my baby is just tired and over worked.  *pats the monitor*  Poor baby.  I know the feeling though.

Alrighty, anybody feel like adopting a Goo?  I promise, they can feed themselves and are paper trained.  Well, 2 of the 3 are, I'll let you find out which one isn't.  Adopt one, somebody!  Plus, if ya got any Jason pics/encounters/thank you's send 'em my way.  I'd appreciate it!  Well, that's all for tonight my faithful goobers!  Come back and thanks for making my counter go up.  It gives me that nice tingly feeling.  I'm out!

Tuesday August 20, 2002:  Hey all!  Remember me?  I'm the one who occasionally updates this webpage.  Sorry about the lack of updates, but I have no excuse other than. . .I'm tired!  Sorry, work has been kicking my ass the past two weeks, but hey, more Goo money for me right?!  This is my last concert so the cash is going to be flowing from my hand into someone elses very freely at the T-shirt stand.  Just an update:  13 more days 'til Nashville!!  Whoo-hoo!  Hope to see some of ya there!

Now, on with the new stuff.  I've added about 6 new pictures to the Hmm. . .Pictures? page, some new Quotes (marked with an asteric) and just a piece of the Ross the Intern skit, also on the Quotes page, and a new link to the ahh yes, Links page.  I'll transcribe the whole skit eventually, but I can't do it all at once otherwise I won't have a reason update!  I am loving that skit though, you gotta love the Goos after seeing that!  Not to mention it was pretty amazing to see the "Disco Room" after seeing just a fraction of it from an opened window.  Very cool.  They need to jam some Wild Cherry in that room.  ~Play that funky music white boy~  Bust a John Travolta in there man.  :)

Well my cyber buddies, I'm out!

Wednesday August 21, 2002:  I'm ba~a~ck!  That's right, two days in a row of updates.  I've only added two more pics to the Hmm. . .Pictures? page.  That's it!  Hey now, don't be all update greedy, at least I updated one page!  :)  So, I'm in the works for having a whole page of nothing but Ross the Intern, figured that the transcript was going to be too long to keep on the Quotes page so it is going to have a home all by itself.  What else?  Umm, I am still working on the new Unsolved Mysteries fan fic. . .slowly, but it is coming along.  Just not very inspired to work on it, plus my editor ie. my sister, hasn't skimmed through it.  Might have a piece of it up soon.  Lastly, if anybody knows how to make thumbnails for Greeting Cards through Bravenet, would ya mind giving me a hand?  Just drop me an e-mail.  I'd appreciate it a bunch!  I'm out!!

Wednesday August 27, 2002:  Oh hell yeah my friends!!  The time is currently 12:28 AM and MandyMay is currently doing her "The Deep-Fried Boot has made it on the webring thingy" dance.  It's a combination between the Macerana, the Tootsie Roll and a bit of the Hokey Pokey thrown in for good measure, I don't recommend doing it without adult supervision.  *grin*  I feel like I am just a little bit cool now.  :)  Go check it out!  Other than that, no updates to the site.  Probably tommorow again sometime.  I'm working on the Ross the Intern transcript right now, taking a bit cuz you have to watch the same bit over and over to catch all the words.  I'm think I have the first few minutes of it completely commited to memory.  I got my new "Goo shirt" in the mail today, the site is on Goo's webring thingy, heard Big Machine on the radio twice today and there is only  6 more days 'til Nashville!  I'm pretty happy right now.  :)  I'm out. . .for now!

Monday September 2, 2002:  Arighty guys, it is currently 9:50 am as I type this and MandyMay is on her way to see the Goo Goo Dolls in Nashville.
Talk about a kick ass Labor Day!!  Since I was in such a goo-d mood, I even updated some stuff.  Got some more Quotes the new ones makred with an *, about half of the Ross the Intern skit transcribed, and some more pics added to the Hmm. . .Pictures?  

Alrighty, anybody feel like adopting a Goo?  I promise, they can feed themselves and are paper trained.  Well, 2 of the 3 are, I'll let you find out which one isn't.  Adopt one, somebody!  Plus, if ya got any Jason pics/encounters/thank you's send 'em my way.  I'd appreciate it!  Do I seem too pushy?  Nothing would make me happier than seeing a Jason pic or, "I want to adopt a Goo," in my mailbox when I get back.  Plus remember, cookies for every person who sends me something.  No lie. . .a cookie for you!  :)

So, now I'm off headed to Nashville.  Be expecting a long detailed review of the concert Tuesday evening sometime!  I'm out!!

Tuesday September 3, 2002:  Ok guys, I'm back.  I've added my review and some pics to MandyMay's Concert Experiences and my very own Jason pic to The Jason Page.  Be expecting some more scans during the week, but I'm tired from my wonderful Goo adventure so I'm out for today!

Thursday September 12, 2002:  Hey guys!  A quick update before I head out to the 'ol DG to put in some cashier time.  Was it just me, or did Goo kick some ass on Leno last night!  Whoo-boy!!  :)  And was it just me, or were ya diggin' Rzeznik's pants, yum. . .Alright, on to the topic at hand, updates.  Or, update.  I've added some more pics to the Hmm. . .Pictures? page and that's about it.  This weekend, I plan on finishing the Ross the Intern trascript and getting the rest of my Nashville pics developed, hopefully.  Then I'll have a few more of my own pics up.  Also, ADOPT A GOO!!  Somebody!!  Anybody!!!  They are starting to feel just a bit unloved, Johnny has stopped styling his hair!  You know he's depressed when he doesn't do his hair!  Remember, I have cookies for anyone who adopts a Goo or sends me Jason related items!!  

Saturday September 14, 2002:  What's up guys?!  Well, want to know what I've added to the page?  Alright, ya talked me out of it.  I added a little miscellaneous thing to the bottom of My Me Page, added some pics to the Nashville review on MandyMay's Concert Experiences,  and added two new pics to The Jason Page thanks to Mary Z.  YOU ROCK!

Have you guys seen the new trailer for the Harry Potter movie?  It's awsome, except for the snake part. . .not cool.  I'm not all up into Harry Potter or anything, I'm just there for some Rickman.  I sat through the first movie, 5 times.  A two and a half hour movie for a half hour of Rickman.  Five times!  But hey, does he make a nice looking Snape or what?  Man, if I had him for a Potion's Master, I'd be getting detention everyday.  "Umm, sorry Professor Snape, I didn't mean to melt the cauldron again. . .What?  Detention?  Anything but hours of sitting in a room with you and your lovely voice!  Not detention!. . .alright, you talked me into.  How about 7?"
Monday September 23, 2002:  Well, I didn't get to see Wayne Brady, I must not have that channel, gonna check this afternoon to see if they might be showing it at a different time.  So, since today was my day off from the 'ol DG and I finally got some more pics developed, I thought I might as well update.

I've added a new Bunky pic and the Mole Mole Dolls to the My Me Page; a couple of other little tidbit things to the John Rzeznk, Robby Takac, and Mike Malinin pages; some more Nashville pics to MandyMay's Concert Experiences, and added some new Alan Rickman pictures. . .yum; and lastly, some news about Fleetwood Mac's new greatest hits album.

Monday September 30, 2002:  ~Happy birthday dear Robby, happy birthday to you~  That's right it's our cuddly bassist's 38th birthday and in celebration of the days event, Tiff has drawn a birthday Robby pic.  It's here, but later you can find it on the Robby page.  So, how'd you guys like Music in High Places?  Kicked some ass, huh?  It made you sooooo happy that you want to Adopt-a-Goo right?  That's what I thought.  So why don't you check out the MandyMay's Adoption Page to find out how ya can.  *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*  I'm out guys.  More updates to come!!!

Wednesday October 9, 2002:  Hey chick-a-dees!!  I know, I know, I've been bad, haven't updated in forever and a month.  *MandyMay hangs her head in shame*  Sorry, I'll try not to let it happen again. . .or that often.  :)  Now a kick ass reason to update, Holli has been nice enough to send a Jason thank you and a pic!!  Everyone say , "Thank you!" to Holli!  *MandyMay waits patiently to hear your thank you*  Goo-d job guy!  *wink, wink*  That was added of course, to the Jason Page, and guess what she got just for being nice enough to send that along?  A cookied of course!  And you my, cyber Goo fans, could have a cookie of your very own if you send in a Jason thank you or pic, or just anything!!  I mean it, send in anything and I'll send you a cookie, well, not just *anything,* Goo related of course.  ;)

Oh, and not to whore off the guys, but someone adopt-a-Goo!!  They need nice webpage homes where they can be taken care of properly; with love and care.  Some place they can kick off their shoes, if they wear them *cough* Robby, and get comfortable.  Kick back with a nice cool cyber beer, watch Music in High Places on the Windows Media Player and realize just how cool they really are.  :)

Lastly, be expecting another update tomorrow for our drummer man's, ie. Mike's, birthday!!!!  Until then. . .I'm out!

PS  One of these days, I promise, I'll finish transcribing the Ross the Intern skit.

Thursday October 10, 2002:  ~For he's a jolly good fe-e-llow, which nobody can deny~  What a wonderful rainy day here in the Bluegrass state!  *if you can't detect it over the computer, I was using sarcasm*  Cold rain to be presise, but you know what makes me warm and happy?  Celebrating our very own Mike Malinin's birthday!!  In celebration, Tiff has drawn us a birthday Mike picture, which you can find here and later on, you can find it through the Mike Page.  She even added the word wing to it!  For info on Mike's b-day wing par-tay, check out The Real Story of the Deep-Fried Boot for details and links!  Until the next update, I'm out!

Saturday October 19, 2002:  Hey there my fellow Goo fans!!  I've got some updates for ya while I actually have the time.  I haven't had a day off since the 4th of this month and that is a long story that we won't get into.  *grin*  I should stop whinning though right, I mean Goo hasn't had a day off since the release of Gutterflower, or so it seems.  Where do they find the time to do all this stuff?  Touring, Alaska, Leno, Kilborn, Buffy, redecorating.  I think I need them to show me how to manage my time.  :)  So, updates.  Got three new Jason pictures and the first two come from Patty Goo.  Everyone say thank you to Patty Goo. . . . . . .done?  Goo-d job!  :)  The other is one I got somewhere off the net, not exactly sure where, hope ya enjoy!  Until next time, I'm out!      

Monday October 21, 2002:  SQUEE!!!!  That is my new happy word!  Want to know why I am happy?  Well, I'll tell ya since you come to the site. . .faithfully. . .everyday to see if I've updated. . .right?  Say right or I won't tell you. . . . .ok, you've said it?  Well, after many months of cussing at my computer and sentencing Bravenet to Hades thousands upon thounds of time over, and numerous failed attempts; I have finally gotten those damn dirty greeting cards to work!!  I LOVE BRAVENET!  Plus, I also need to send a shout out to for their help also.  So, head on over to the Greeting Cards page to send your very own greeting card. . .and if you're nice, you'll send me one too.  *evil grin*  So, with this final word, I'm out. . . .SQUEE!!  

Sunday November 17 2002: Hey all!!  What's up?  Well, thought I should get off my lazy ass and update this here webpage again.  Sorry it took me so long.  :)  

Not Goo related, but I went and seen Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and it kicked some ass!!  Or should I say Alan Rickman kicked some ass!!  How hot is he in all that flowing black?!  And that dueling scence. . .grrr. . .Waited in line for 45 minutes in the cold and rain to get some tickets early for the 9 o'clock showing and man was it packed.  Gonna go see it again, gotta have my Rickman dose!!

Now, on to the updates.  Updated the Hmm. . .Pictures Page? and after much promising, I finally finished transcribing the Ross the Intern Skit.  You can access it through the Quotes page or here.  Don't forget that the Treasure Planet soundtrack comes out this Tuesday, November 19!!!  I'm out!!

Tuesday November 26, 2002:  It's me, MandyMay yet again.  So, got some more updates.  Added a bit of info to the Jason Page, added some more pics to the Hmm. . .Pictures? page; actually, these are pictures that were suppossed to be on there long ago but never got added; and lastly, I tried to vamp up the Quotes page, it's boring; or at least I tried to.  

I finally got my Treasure Planet soundtrack today.  Been to Wal-Mart 3 days in a row looking for it, so I finally made my way to Sam Goody's and spent the $17.99 for it.  It kicks some ass though.  Also, don't forget TREASURE PLANET comes out THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!

Lastly, on a happy note, Tiff is making us a Thanksgiving comic!!  YAY!!!  Already 5 pages long.  Be on look out it for it late Wednesday early Thursday.  Alright, loving Goo fans, I'm out!!

Thursday November 28, 2002:  Hey my fellow goobers on this joyous day of turkey eating.  Speaking of turkey, I'm sure that you've already checked out Tiff's newest comic, TURKEY.  If not, check it out now.  Drawn in less than 48 hours, pretty spiffy, huh?  She'll soon be in the works for Rzeznik's birthday pic which might I remind you is coming up very soon.  Also be on the look out for a miscellaneous page coming soon.  Got too much crap with no place to put it.  So, for now, lay off the turkey, you've had enough, go listen to some Goo.  :)  I'm out!!

Wednesday  December 4, 2002:  Hello!!  First off, I added a bit of news the Alan Rickman page and I finally got around to making Tiff her own little section on the page where I can put all of her Goo drawings.  Now the little minion can get off my back!!  *wink*  You can check out Tiff's Page now.  There will be an update to that page on Thursday for Rzeznik's birthday pic.  Aww. . .our little goobers are growing up.  Anygoo. . .

How much were you loving Rock the House?!  I mean, I have to admit, that I was a bit jealous, well alot, but I am so happy for Sevan.  She truly deserved all that she got, and she quoted a Robby song!  How cool was that?  Speaking of Robby, I want PEZ shadow boxes in my living room!!  BTW, check out Rock the House, in Sevan's very own words at Dizzy Noise.  Well guys, I'm out until Thursday!!

Thursday December 5, 2002:  What's up guys?!  I said, I'd be back today.  Even though there is only like 20 minutes left of December 5th, Rzeznik's birthday!  And here is the promised, Tiff b-day picture for the man.  You can find it on Tiff's Page, or here.  Hope ya enjoy.  Well, I'm off to bed now, gotta get up early in the AM to unload this here Dollar General truck.  I'm out!!

Saturday December 28, 2002:  Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a very Goo-y Christmas! I sure did.  Got my new tour books just in time to redecorate my room.  You see, I already have two tour books, but one is to look at and the other is to lock away safely in it's plastic cover never to see the light of day for fear something might happen to it.  The other two I ordered from the store were so I could cut them up and paste them up on my walls.  You all should know about my Goo collage obsession by now.  *grin*  It all fits perfectly with my new leopard theme. . .and frogs. . . and Rickman.  Sounds weird, but somehow all fits together nicely.  Is it just me, or can anyone else not wait for the new black Gutterflower sweatshirt/jacket to be available?  I think they just like teasing us. . .

Now it's time for some updates!  Added a couple of things to the My Me Page, which include my very cool Christmas card and GooTube; two new items added to the Quotes, page one for Robby and one for Rzeznik; updated all 3 entrees' pages, John, Robby and Mike; added a continuation to one my rants on the Rants page; and lastly added a cool quote from Kevin Smith to the Alan Rickman page.

Also, in the works, is a new Christmas Goo picture and New Year's Goo picture.  The Christmas one is abviously late, but oh well, Tiff doesn't work well under pressure.  Also, if you have anything you want to send into the page, send it in, you'll receive full credit and I'll send you a cookie!  Until next time, enjoy and I'm out!

Wednesday January 9, 2003:  The very first update of the new year!  Hope this year brings everyone all the gooey goodness you could ever possibly wish for. . .and to the site, more updates!  So, for starters I added for few more things to the "bio" pages of John, Robby, and Mike; all can be found at the bottom of each page; and added a new chapter to one of the fan fics on the Fanfiction page.  Also, got a new Christmas pic added to Tiff's Page.  I'm gonna have the New Years one up as soon as we can figure out a way to scan it, it's too big for the scanner so I think we're gonna have to try to put it together. . .or something.  I don't know, Tiff is the computer smart one.  :)

Also, thanks to all of you who have sent me e-mails in the past couple of days!  I love to get e-mail about the site.  Sometimes I get a little down because the site doesn't have the greatest layout, but then I get online and somone has sent me a beautiful e-mail, then I know it must not be all that bad if a person took the time to write me about it.  I mean, I may put the stuff up here, but it is really for all the Goo Goo Dolls fans out there to look at.  I mean, how much fun would I have with it if only I looked at it all day.  I did learn all those years ago from my kindergaten teacher, Mrs. Oozley (yes, it's said the way it looks) to share.  So thanks for all your wonderful compliments, I really appreciate it.  If any of you out there wanna drop me a line about the site, your own Goo experience, anything, feel free to.  I may even send you a cookie and I have people who can back me up on that.  Alrighty guys, enough of all this mush, I'm out!

Sunday January 26, 2003:  Hey, hey!  Super Bowl Sunday!  How about them Goo's?  They rocked didn't they?  Of course they did.  How about half time?  Didn't care for the Shania performance myself, it seemed to me like she was lip syncing, but No Doubt and Sting kicked some Super Bowl half time ass!!  Goo kicked some pre-show ass, they kicked some half time ass.  :)

Well, I figured that it was about time for an update and since Ashley sent in a special gift, I figured why not?!  Ashely has graciously written The Boot a theme song!!  Imagine my surprise when I found out!  Read it here.  It's awsome, totally kicks ass man!!  Rock on Ashley, rock on!!  Lastly, I added a new page, The Jay Leno Page!  Nothing great, just a list the all the times that the Goo's have appeared on there.  Plus a new little "deep-fried diner" story that you can read here.  If ya'll know any good place where I can find not pictures of their performance, but backstage pics or something, give me a shout so I can add them to the page.  Well, one of these days, I'm gonna have some quotes from a concert I have on tape from Albany, NY.  It'll be the CD cover story which I'm sure alot of you have heard, but with time, the story seems to get more details and much funnier.  So until next time, I'm out!!!

Sunday February 9, 2003:  What's up guys?  Not much over this way.  Hmmm. . .that sounds like the beginning of every high school note that I have ever written.  Sorry I resorted to that.  *hides sheepishly*  I think it's about damn time for some updates and boy do I have some for ya.  A new fic on the Fanfiction page, some more pics to the Hmmm. . .Pictures? page, updated The Jay Leno Page with the Sympathy performance (which kicked some ass) and lastly, finally added the little story from the Albany concert that I have been promising for awhile to the Quotes page.

Now, I'm probably gonna get dogged for this, but I am all up into American Idol this year!  I had never watched not even one episode until the other week and man am I hooked!  I mean, some of those people are completly horrible, but some of them can sing their asses off!!  But, I'm sure you can all see through my dense enthusiasm and want to know the real reason why I'm watching, right?

You've dragged it out of me. . .SIMON!!  How yummy in the tummy is he?  GRRR!  I'd audition just to have him yell at me.  I'd be like, "Sing?  Me?  No, I'm here for Simon."  It's just something about older British gentlemen that I like. . .and rockers.  :)  I feel a new Side Dish page coming up. . .maybe.  Alrighty, I'm out!!

Monday February 24, 2003:  Halloo my friends!!  How are things?  What about them Grammys?  I'm sorry, but Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band blew everyone out of the water!  My fav performance of the whole show.  

So, how about some updates?  Added some pics to the Hmm. . .Pictures? page, added a new pic and drawing to Tiff's Page, and added a new pic to the My Me Page, added some news to the Fleetwood Mac page and an awesome Tiff drawing of Stevie Nicks to the page which you can also find here.  That's about it.  And, I'm working on what I threatened to make.  Mwahahahahaha!!  It's the Simon Cowell page!!!!  Much like the Alan Rickman page.  It's not done yet, but I'm working on it.  

Lastly, I've been hearing "Rumours" of a Goo solo tour this summer.  I've got my fingers crossed, toes crossed, shoes tied, hell, even crossed my eyes.  Not a pretty picture mind you.  Well, goobers, I'm out!!

Tuesday March 11, 2003:  What's up goobers?!  It's about damn time I updated right?!  Stop watching that stupid reality tv, ie. American Idol and do some work!  :)   I can't help it though, that damn is show is so addicting!  I'm literally watching it as I type.  So, since we're on the subject, I've added a new side dish, The Simon Cowell page.  I added two new pics to the Hmm. . .Pictures? page, added my own Name story to My Me Page, and lastly added Robby's very own version of the Gutterflower girl story to the Quotes page.  I think that's about it.  So guys, I'm out to finish watching me some Simon!  :)

Saturday March 22, 2003:  Hey goobers?!  Well, I'm not gonna get on here and rant on and on about the war going on in Iraq.  I think we get enough of that on the news, nor am I going to post my opinion on it, but I thought that I should address it because it is happening.  My faith and love is with all the troops.

Now, something that I hope can bring a smile to our faces, well those of you who check up on here every once in a while.  I've updated!  Yay!!  Don't be afraid to show your excitement guys.  Run up and down the halls in a bath towel, shout for joy wearing a pink boa, yell it from the roof tops in your spiffy red bandana, jog down your street in toe socks and funky yellow shoes shouting, "The Deep-Fried Boot has been updated!"  *evil grin*  

Well, I updated the Simon Cowell Page, the Fleetwood Mac Page, added some more pics to the Hmm. . .Pictures Page, and updated The Tour page.  I've got another page in the works for my Goo "crafts."  Still thinking on that one.  Tiff's got a few drawing that I'm gonna scan here in a few days. . .as soon as she finds them that is.  They are older ones she drew and I just thought of them the other day, but she has no clue as to where they are.  *sigh*  

On a side note, how shocked were you when Charles got voted off American Idol last week?!  I was sad.  *tear, sniff*  I really thought it was gonna be Julia, there is something about that girl that I just don't like.  Her time will be soon though.  But how yummy was Simon doing those push-ups!  Damn the man is fine!  GRRR!  Enough of this, goobers, I'm out!!

Wednesday March 26, 2003:  Welcome, welcome my little goobers!!  Ya notice anything different?  Go on, take a look.  I'll give you a few. . .hmmm, hmmm (twiddling thumbs). . .notice it yet?  That's right!  A new layout!  :)  Well, the best that I can do.  I mean, really, how lame-o was the What's New Page?  I mean, I can't believe you guys didn't tell me that before. . .I can't believe I just typed the word "lame-o."  Oh my lands, I think I need some sleep guys.  Anygoo, I've kinda revamped a few of the pages and added a new one.  

So, here are the updates.  I added an Archives page, that way you can check out past updates and here me rant on about dumb ass, pointless things when you're feeling bored.  *grin*  "Revamped" John's page, Robby's page, and Mike's Page with a different look and a bunch of pictures.  Lastly, added a whole slew of pics to the Rickman page and the Simon page.  On the next update, I should have a new page up that will have scans/pics of all my Goo-ey crafts.  I think that will be awhile yet though, been working on this update all day, me so tired.  *sigh*

However, I did take a break to watch my American Idol though.  Simon looking yummy as usual, a dark blue shirt tonight.  Rueben representing Alabama very well and Clay kicking some ass as usual.  Well, I guess it's off to bed for I have to head on down to that 'ol Dollar Store tommorow.  Question, what is the name of that song that says, "got me a good job at the Dollar Store?"  It is so annoying, but very catchy.  I'm out!!

**Update on the update.  Guys, I'm such a dumbass!  *smacks head repeatedly on computer desk*  I forgot to link the Rzeznik pictures and the new Simon pictures!  For shame, I *tsk, tsk* myself.  However, the problem has been resolved.  Happy clicking.

April 28, 2003:  Hey, hey chick-a-dees and chick-a-dudes!!!  As I type, I am sitting here watching The X-Files, my once favorite TV show ever, the Triangle episode.  Where Scully isn't really Scully, CSM isn't really CSM, Mulder is confused and gets beat up, some freaky paranormal time travelling going on, an appearence by The Lone Gunmen, and the whole episode is filmed in one long camera shot.  Know it?  It's been so long since I watched any of them, it brings back happy memories.  *sigh*  Well, enough of David Duchovny, er I mean, X-Files.  Did I mention David Duchovny was my dream man once upon a time?  Damn that Tea Leoni for snagging him!  Hmm. . .do I still seem bitter?  *ebil grin*  ;)

Now. . .How about some yummy in the tummy Goo?!?!  Added some pics to the Hmm. . .pictures? page, pics to the Simon Cowell Page, and added a whole new page MandyMay's Goo Crafts.  I'm thinking about heading out to the Goo/Jovi concert in Indianapolis, still undecied, but I'll let ya'll know.  For now, stay gooey, you look better that way and I'm out!

**Update on the update:  I am so bad!  I forgot to add the Goo Crafts link to The Menu, so I did.  Also added a couple of links to the Links page.  Feel free to link my page anytime, just let me know where so I can return the favor.  Really, this time, I'm out!!!

Sunday May 4, 2003:  Hey there fellow goobers!  Today is my dear 'ol mom's birthday!  Whoo-hoo!  And the lucky number for the day is 39!  Good thing she don't read my webpage cuz now all the Goo world knows how old my mom is.  *wink, wink*

Not a whole lotta updates today.  I was just crusin' the site to make sure everything worked and I stumbled upon a whole bunch of messed up links!  Hardly any of the Rzeznik thumbnails were right!  Why didn't you guys tell me!  :)  Were you scared that I would make you empty out the 4 month old deep-frying oil?!  *grin*  Well, I fixed the thumbnails on the John Rzeznik Page and added Ashley's Goo box to the Goo Crafts page.  Remember guys, if you make Gooey crafts, send 'em on in and I'll add them to the page.  Or if you have anything you want to send in, I'll add it and give you full credit.  Remember, I'll give you a cookie and I have customers who can verify that!

(tiff here, snoopin as usual.  good thing i was too.  all of you people who read the fanfics can now read chpt. 3 of the bathroom story.  i noticed that the link took you to chpt. 2, kinda like reloading the page.  good thing im nosey man.)

Alrighty guys, I'm out until the next time!

May 14, 2003:  Hey, hey goobers!  How the hell are ya doing?!  Well, I've got some good news for the people in my neck of the woods!  Goo is coming to the Kentucky State Fair on August 15th!!!  Kick some ass man!  So, that means in a couple of months, I can update the MandyMay's Concert Experiences page!  Speaking of which, I *did* indeed update the MandyMay's Concert Experiences page with a scan of The Wheaties!!

So, how about some more updates?  Gosh. . .you guys are a greedy bunch, but then again, I am the waitress here are The Boot.  I suppose I should comply with the customer's demands, so here are the rest of the updates.  Added MandyMay's birthday pic to Tiff's Page, you can also find it here.  Added some more pics to the Hmm. . .Pictures page, some Robby quotes to the Quotes page (the news ones are maked with an *), added a fact to the Mike Malinin page (thanks Ashley!), and added some more links to the Links page.  Whew, I'm tired.

Did anyone happen to watch American Idol last night?  Only 3 left and boy were the lines busy, I haven't voted in a long ass time, I guess I picked the wrong time to start up again.  Rueben all the way baby, 205 representin'!  *grin*  And how yummy is Simon, when he is being nice with his criticisms, you just wanna squish him that much more, or is that just me?

Lastly, check out MandyMay's Adoption's page to Adopt-a-Goo.  They are starting to feel neglected lately, ya know we can't be having that.  If you have info you want to send in to the page, pictures or concert experiences you want to share, e-mail me and I will add it to the page.  And if it is super gooey, I'll send you a cookie!

Quick question before I end this.  I'm thinking of adding a new page, a "customer page" for all of you guys that visit here at The Boot.  It can be a pic of you and your friends, you and Goo, all by yourself, or no picture at all.  And this can be a place where you can "place an order" to The Boot.  I'm not sure how it would work, but I want to get some feed back from you guys on how you feel about it.  Maybe any ideas if ya have any,  e-mail me.

Alright, I think I'm done talking now, I'm out!

Monday May 26th, 2003:  All hail the power of the Goo!  *wink*  Welcome back again my faithful goobers!  How ya'll been doing?  Me?  Not much; working, watching American Idol. . .205 in da house!  Of course Ruben won, MandyMay voted for him, it was her vote that just pushed it over the edge.  *wink, wink*  With that out of the way, let us discuss The Kiss.  That's right, The Kiss that was shared between the one, the only Simon!Cowell. . .oh yeah, and Paula Abdul.  My stomach was churning guys, do they know how to give a girl nightmares or what?!

Time for some updates chick-a-dees and chick-a-dudes.  Not a whole bunch this time.  First, I think I've changed all the e-mail address links.  AOL was being a bitch so I had to change my screen name, so if ya e-mail me, make sure you got the new, not SAMandy1, k?  And if ya see any links that I missed, just give me a yell.  I changed the layout of the Fanfiction, I absolutely hated the last layout, this one is a bit better.  And I promise, one of these days I'll finish the other stores.  Added a new craft to the Goo Crafts page and added a couple of new things to the My Me Page, skim around in there and you'll see the new stuff.  That's about it update wise.

Saturday, I'm heading out to Nashville to see Fleetwood Mac, so be expecting an update to that page sometime next week, not Goo but still just as cool.

Over at the World of Goo message board, they have two projects going on that are pretty cool.  One is to find some way of showing that you are a Goo fan at concerts.  Like wearing a red bandana, or making signs that have sayings we all would know.  These are things that we would all recognize and in the end be pretty cheap.  The other project, is to give us a name, the most popular seems to be the obvious, Goober.  :)  So if ya have any ideas, head on over there and share it with everyone else.

Lastly, if ya have anything you want to share, news, fanfiction, pics, Goo crafts, send it on in to The Boot.  I'll give ya a cookie.  I think that's it for this update.  I'm out!

Tuesday June 3, 2003:  Hey there my Goo buddies!  How ya'll doing?  Me?  Pretty damn good and ya wanna know why?  I just came back from my very fist Fleetwood Mac concert and let me tell ya. . .kick ass.  How kick ass?  Read my review to find out.  Enough said.

What else?  Goo's new video, Sympathy ie Rzeznik!Tummy, debuted yesterday on VH1.  I have yet to see it, but I've got my eye out.  Well guys, it was a short update tonight, gonna add some more stuff here soon including Fleetwood Mac pictures and still working on The Customer Page.  Also, if ya got anything you wanna add; news, pictures, Goo crafts don't be shy.  E-mail me.  Don't worry, I'm not as mean as I appear to be, just remember tip 20% and all is fine.  *wink, wink*  I'll send ya a cookie!  Until next time guys. . .I'm out!!

PS  When in the hell are the Kentucky State Fair tickets gonna go on sale?

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