Mike Malinin

Alright goobers, let us take a gander at the drum god that is. . .Mike!Malinin-nin-nin-nin (could ya guess that was coming?)  Let us all look upon him in glory, he who is called. . .Mike!Malinin-nin-nin-nin.  He who radiates splendor.  We shall praise he who is known as. . .Mike!Malinin-nin-nin-nin for giving us the beat these many long years and when we meet him we shall all shout. . .Mike!Malinin-nin-nin-nin, for that is he.

Now, let's start with the facts.  Keep in mind, this is not a bio, just a few pointless facts, generic facts actually, that I feel will makes this page look a little more professional. . .plus, everyone else has a bio page, go look at theirs!

Bitmap ImageBorn on October 10, 1967 in Texas, but grew up in Florida.

Bitmap ImageIs the drummer for the Goo Goo Dolls. . .don't make me say "duh."

Bitmap ImageLiked the Goo Goo Dolls before he even joined the band.  Which makes him kick ass even more.

Bitmap ImageFirst song he ever played with Goo was "Fallin' Down."  A kick ass song, played by a kick ass drummer.  Kick ass.

Bitmap ImageLikes to play golf.

Bitmap ImageLikes to run.  Which is why he runs in marathons.

Bitmap ImageIs the quiet one of the band.  We still love ya Mike!

Bitmap ImageHas a couple of piercings but no tattoos.

Bitmap ImageDyes his hair cool colors.  Like red and green. . .not at the same time like Christmas colors or anything, separate, oh. . .nevermind.

Bitmap ImageLikes Beavis and Butthead.

Bitmap ImageDidn't like Rzeznik's table dance. . .dude, he was trying to eat his roast beef!

Bitmap ImageTells cool jokes.  Like the Elephant joke.  Dude, I thought it was funny.

Bitmap ImageIs really tall, 6'2.

Bitmap ImageHas the ,"I'm cool, crossed arms, stand," going on.  Very cool.

Bitmap ImageHas a cute little smile.  You know the kind, makes you wanna squish his cheeks.

Bitmap ImageHe likes Pink, not the color, the singer.  Hmm. . .

Bitmap ImageHe wore these really funky yellow and black striped shoes on Leno and Rosie.  Only Mike could get away with that.  

Bitmap ImageIs so much of a kick ass drummer that it only took him 2 and a half days to lay down the drums on Gutterflower.  (as from Modern Drummer)

Bitmap ImageHe apparently watched alot of The Facts of Life as a child because he seemed to be the only one who knew all the words to the theme song in the Ross the Intern skit.

Bitmap ImageLooks pretty damn good with a goatee.

The following info is from the AOL sessions CD-ROM thing discussing Gutterflower.  I'm not putting this on the quotes page, because I didn't take direct quotes.
Bitmap ImageThe host asked him why he was quiet and Mike replied is his usual politeness saying that John and Robby told him that it was because he talked so much during the day that he was tired by the time interviews came along.  Then after some thought, he said it was because he always got asked, "What was Buffalo like 12 years ago?"  And he doesn't know, so he doesn't answer.
Bitmap ImageDon't know exactly how this got brought up but something was said and the host was like, "Is it because you got Mike up here in the mountains?"  Then Mike replies by saying that he is sand bagging all the roads that way they can't get into his town, John complains about long distance, then Robby says, "Carrier pigeons!"  I guess that is just one of those conversations that you have to hear.
Bitmap ImageWhen talking on the name Gutterflower, they mentioned that the name "Liquior, Guns, and Ammo," was up for consideration as was "Journey 4," which Mike says always makes the list.

Bitmap ImageOn the Ross the Intern skit, as well as on the Wayne Brady show, wore a turquoise kinda green shirt that says, "SEADOGS."  Good thing he left out the yellow shoes, that would have really clashed.

Bitmap ImageMike is the only member of GGD that didn't wear eyeliner during dizzy up the girl promos.   -- submitted by Queen Ash

Hmm. . .that's all for now.  Unless you can think of some more?  E-mail me if ya do.

more time?  keep lookin'.

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