John Rzeznik

That's right people, the. . .John!Rzeznik-nik-nik-nik page.  (that was an echo *wink*)  Behold, he who is named. . . John!Rzeznik-nik-nik-nik.  To fully appreciate the creature that is. . . John!Rzeznik-nik-nik-nik, step away from the computer, I recommend at least 3 feet, and you will feel the vast rays of sunshine envelope your soul and then will you truly comprehend the power that is. . .John!Rzeznik-nik-nik-nik.

On with the page. . .

Now, let's start with the facts.  Keep in mind, this is not a bio, just a few pointless facts, generic facts actually, that I feel will makes this page look a little more professional. . .plus, everyone else has a bio page, go look at theirs!

Bitmap ImageBorn on December 5, 1965 in Buffalo, New York.

Bitmap ImageIs in a cool band. . .the Goo Goo Dolls, duh.  *evil grin*

Bitmap ImageLead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls; he shares vocals of course with Robby.

Bitmap ImageGuitarist of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Bitmap ImageHas alot of sisters.

Bitmap ImageWould be a plumber if hadn't become a rockstar and can still install a mean porcelain telephone.  (that was for you Heather, *wink, wink*)

Bitmap ImageLikes to use his middle finger; that is purely my opinion of course.

Bitmap ImageHas alot of tatoos.  Pretty cool ones actually.  The "Thinker", the Picasso, The Self-Help, and the big ass question mark on the leg, just to name a few.

Bitmap ImageHas alot of earrings.  

Bitmap ImageHas cool hair.

Bitmap ImageWears cool jewlery.

Bitmap ImagePlays cool guitars.  Like the purple one, the "Lawyers Suck," the KISS sticker. . .and on and on.

Bitmap ImageTells cool jokes.  Like the Ricky Martin joke.

Bitmap ImageHas a cute little cleft in his chin.

Bitmap ImageWrites cool, kick ass songs.  Like "Black Balloon," "What A Scene," "Girl Right Next to Me," and every other song he's ever written.

Bitmap ImageHas crazy, cool, rocking guitar tunings.  Like in "Iris," "Big Machine" aka "The Disco Song," and every other song he has used his crazy, cool, rocking guitar tunings on.

Bitmap ImageHas pretty straight, white teeth.  Sorry had to throw that in just because he said on VH1, "I got my fucking teeth fixed!"

Bitmap ImageKicks ass live.

Bitmap ImageLikes to wear tank tops.  I like to look at him in tank tops.  Oops, did I just type that?

Bitmap ImageWas once referred to as a cross dresser by an ex-landlord.  Confuse me?  Go watch Storytellers.

Bitmap ImageHe took the word Gutterflower from a poem by Pablo Neruda that is used to describe beggars.

Bitmap ImageLikes seasonal berries. . .yum.

Bitmap ImageOn the summer tour, sported a nice red bandana to keep that flowing hair out of his face, that I have deemed, "The Goo-Rag."

Bitmap ImageLikes to re-invent guitars, ie. from stratocastor to halfcastor.  Confused?  Go watch Storytellers. . .not only to find out about the guitar, but just because it is a kick ass Goo moment.

The following info is from the AOL sessions CD-ROM thing discussing Gutterflower.  I'm not putting this on the quotes page, because I didn't take direct quotes.
Bitmap ImageSympathy was the only song on the album where "stuff came pouring out."  Rob Cavallo had told Rzeznik to "write until you freak yourself out," and that is exactly what he did.
Bitmap ImageHe says What A Scene is like a 70's cop show theme.  A side note, Rzeznik really enjoyed using the "Wa Wa Paddles," during the song.
Bitmap ImageFor Truth is a Whisper our tank top clad rocker said, "People who have nothing to say speak the loudest."
Bitmap ImageIt's Over was the first song that he brought to the band during the Gutterflower sessions, he also said that it is a "heavy song, but in a good way."

Bitmap ImageOn the Wayne Brady show, wore a cream colored shirt with the word, "OBEY," on it.  As if he has to ask.

Pretty interesting article from: Las Vegas Sun

Clothes save

Goo Goo Dolls played the House of Blues (Mandalay Bay) on New Year's Eve, but their clothes didn't make the trip.

So band leader John Rzeznik and his four bandmates went looking for appropriate duds hours before show time, and ended up dropping just south of $20,000 at Elton's, the new men's haberdashery at Mandalay Place.
They walked out with two Corneliani charcoal-gray suits with matching shirts and ties, two Hugo Boss suits, an Equilibrio jacket, a couple pairs of Donald J. Pilner black crepe dress shoes and various hosiery, ties and other accessories (including high-priced cuff links).

Store owner L.T. Salinas said he got an appreciative phone call from Rzeznik, thanking him for the last-minute custom tailor job.

Hmm. . .that's all for now.  Unless you can think of some more? E-mail me if ya do.

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