Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman, famed British actor and my favorite among all other actors.  I know!  How about an extremely brief bio!  Yay!

Name:  Alan Sydney Patrick Rickman
Born:  February 21st, 1946 in Acton, UK

Bio done.  Now stuff I think is cool.

Bitmap ImageHe plays a great villian, the kind you don't want to die.
Bitmap ImageHas a great voice, the kind that makes women swoon.
Bitmap ImageHas won many awards including an Emmy and a Golden Globe for the HBO film Rasputin.
Bitmap ImageTalked for a fish and sang a song!  See Help! I'm A Fish towards the bottom for more info.
Bitmap ImagePlayed my dream man in Blow Dry:  a gorgeous straight man who styles hair.
Bitmap ImageWent "full monty" in Dark Harbor.
Bitmap ImagePlays a sexy Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films.
Bitmap ImageAdded spoken words to a Charlie Dore song called Refuse to Dance.  The only person I know of who can say "fox trot" and make it sound cool.
Bitmap ImageHas the authority to call off Christmas.  See Robin Hood:  Price of Thieves.
Bitmap ImageHe's the voice of God.  See Dogma.
Bitmap ImageCan get down and funky doing the tango.  See Texas' video In Demand.

NEWS:  Alan Rickman is currently in the film Snow Cake with

Rickman has been nominated for an Emmy for his portrayal of Dr. Blaloack in the HBO film, Something the Lord Made.
Alan Rickman in Something the Lord Made
StLM Entertainment Weekly Promo
StLM review from Entertainment Weekly

Here's a stolen quote from somewhere or other about Rickman in the Prisoner of Azkaban:

Cuaron does follow what by now should be a cardinal rule of filmmaking: If you have Alan Rickman in your cast, then by god, use him. He doesn't exhaust Rickman, but uses him enough to show why he's the best actor in the entire cast.

I think that sums it up.  Got a few cute little links that involve the movie:
Diagon Alley - DA Exclusive: One Fan's Trip to the PoA Set
Prisoner of Azkaban Charity Screening
Michelle Blagden --  this lucky girl got to go to the primere!

Pictures of me and Tiff off to the movie premiere of POA.

Love Actually!!  Go buy this movie.  If ya love Rickman, you'll love it!  Adore men with accents (Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Collin Firth), this movie has tons of 'em!  Need a good cry or drama fix, this is the movie for you.  In my opinion, Bill Nighy steal the show. . .~I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes~  Also, new HBO movie with Mr. Rickman, Something the Lord Made.  Got HBO this moth especially for this movie, May 30th.  Watch it.

In the December 2002 issue of People magazine, Mr. Rickman was voted one of the sexiest men in the Surprisingly Sexy category.  Surprising?  I think not, us Alan Rickman fans have known this for a long time.  Here is a scan of the picture and article.

In 2002, Alan Rickman a played the lead character, along side Lindsey Duncan in a play called, "Private Lives," in London.  It did so well, that the play, along with the actors, was brought to Broadway. . .hmm, what does that make you think of?  *wink, wink*  It has gotten wonderful reviews and Mr. Rickman was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance.

Rickman has also made a few TV appearances such as:

King of the Hill. . .in an episode called "Joust Like a Woman"
Fallen Angel. . .a Showtime series, co-starring Laura Dern, he's bad in this too.  What am I saying?  He's bad in most of his movies.  He's the villian you want to love.  
Rasputin. . .an HBO movie for which he won an Emmy and Golden Globe

Now, just so this ties in with Goo Goo Dolls and Fleetwood Mac, there is a technical glitch that makes Alan Rickman a. . .rock star?  Hmm. . . not the right word, I guess I don't have a word, but read the list and maybe you can think of a word for me.

1.)  He put spoken vocals on Charlie Dore's CD "Time Goes By," on the track "Refuse to Dance."  Hard to find unless you want to pay with your soul on EBAY. . .and that is if you get off easy.
Download the song here
2.)  He speaks on a CD collection of Shakespeare sonnets called, "When Love Speaks."  His sonnet is "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun."  It just gives me shivers. . .in a GOOd way.
3.)  He is in the music video, "In Demand," for the UK based group Texas.  He does this sexy little tango dance that makes women drool. . .or maybe just me.  What I wouldn't give to be the lead singer of that band. . .
See screen caps and download the video here.
4.)  Wrote a song called Take Me With You, sung by Elizabeth Fraser.
Download the song here
Lastly. . .

5.)  He sings a song for the movie, "Help! I'm A Fish," which I don't know if this is the title of it or not, but I call it the, "Intelligence Song."  Gotta love that, "alter your destiny," part.  Sounds like he's growling. . .grrrr. . .
Download the song here

Bitmap ImageHere's a nice quote by Kevin Smith, from the VeiwAskew website, who worked with Rickman in Dogma, had to say about his performance in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

The Thirty minutes of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with Alan  Rickman in them.  What can I say?  I'm a fan of the man.  And his overly-dramatic entrance into Potion's Class may very well be my favorite movie moment of 2001. I look forward to getting this screener just to watch that clip over and over.

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